Sat Nam Massage

Massage in High Falls, NY with massage therapist, Summer Corrie


Summer Corrie, Licensed Massage Therapist

"My practice is very much influenced by listening to what my client's body is saying and from there I respond accordingly. I tend to have a more intuitive approach than scientific, although I have the training in and utilize both. My clients often thank me for being mindful and present, knowing what their body needs that specific day and for tailoring each massage to those needs. I do not have a blanket treatment, I pay attention and it's a conversation, and rarely are two conversations ever the same."

Summer received her training at the Helma Institue for Massage Therapy and the Hudson Valley School of Massage Therapy. She has been massaging since 2005 in many different venues; including the Mohonk Mountain House Spa, Lonstein Chiropractic, Hudson Valley Body Works, etc., and teaching at the local massage school. Additionally, she trained with Cheryl Chapman, LMT, RN in cancer and terminal illness massage. She is a teacher of Nia, a sensory-movement form incorporating dance, martial arts, and healing arts. A Kripalu yoga teacher. And a strong believer and practicer of Kundalini Yoga. She is also a singer and actor and performs locally. If you'd like to see her in that light, you can check out


Sat Nam (ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ) 

Sat Nam comes from the most commonly used mantra in kundalini yoga. Sat Nam is a phrase from the Gurmukhi language that literally translates as True (Sat) Name (Nam), which can also be viewed as Truth is my Identity, aka, I am Truth. Just this idea has changed my life and has shifted me into a purer way of living. It can also be used as a greeting, meaning "I see your true nature". 
"This mantra is more than what it means in translation.  It is an experience.  By chanting "Sat Nam" or meditating upon it with your breath, you call into your awareness the state of the vibration of truth.  You create an internal experience of what these words represent.  Truth, enlightenment, consciousness and above all awareness, comes into your experience." - Ramdesh Kaur 

May we all be happily and truly who we are!