Sat Nam Massage

Massage in High Falls, NY with massage therapist, Summer Corrie


Summer Corrie is one of the most authentic humans I know. She arrives to each situation with an open heart, gives of herself deeply and is a light in this world. Her sessions reflect these aspects of her being. Whenever I'm on the table I feel truly cared for and loved. Everybody on this earth needs compassionate touch and honest connection. You will get those two things and more when you receive from Summer.

--Natasha A., Licensed Massage Therapist



Summer is an exceptional massage therapist.

I first visited Summer because of some long standing pain in my right shoulder and nagging lower back pain. The pain had been affecting my ability to work out and by the time I sought out Summer, I was desperate for relief.

That first massage was the most incredible deep tissue massage I have ever experienced.  When the session was finished, I got up off the table feeling like I had been reborn!  In one session, I experienced significant relief from my pain; subsequent sessions resolved many other issues that I had learned to live with over the years.   I now make sure I have bi-weekly deep tissue massages to maintain the flexibility I’ve gained.

Summer is unique in her abilities.  I have had acceptable massages before, but I always needed to be precise in explaining my issues and directing the therapist to the areas I needed to have worked on if I expected to be satisfied with the massage.  Not so with Summer!  She has a great intuitive ability to find and assess anatomical problems and works on areas that I didn’t even know were issues for me.  The pressure she uses and the amount of time she expends on each area of the body is exactly on point.  It is amazing.   

Summer is thorough, sensitive and very effective.  I always feel comfortable and well cared for.   She is a gem.      

--Dr. Karen D., Retired Administrative Vice-President

"Summer is always smiling and I know I can count on her to find exactly what is hurting me and work on it until it stops. I don't know what I did without her. Oh that's right: I suffered!"
--Sam D., Construction Worker
"I have had massage for many years and I believe that the heart of the therapist is what separates massage that heals from massage that merely manipulates.  Summer brings a tenderness and compassion to each massage that does me good every time, even when the physical issues cannot be resolved immediately. I always feel enriched by our time together and her lightness of being refreshes me."
--Andrea D., Food Blogger
Summer gave me a full body massage. I give her an A+. I had a very stiff neck and was very stressed out. I felt soooo much better after our session. She is sweet, honest and is an excellent massage therapist.
--Donna G.